How are pockets of water detected underground?

You may feel like your Memphis chiropractor is the key to survival but water is the basic life force of the planet. The plane cannot survive without water as it is depended upon by all form of life on the planet. Our planet is basically made up of 75% water. The water in the vast … [Read more…]

Seismic Reflection

The term seismic activity for most people is associated with earthquakes, for those who have a more geographical background, it is about ground vibrations to be more specific. Seismic waves, just like water or light waves are subject to the laws of reflection when the wave front comes into contact with an interface between two … [Read more…]

Geophysical Investigation

Due to environmental and health and safety issues, a range of geophysical surveying techniques need to be used in order to deliver effective investigations and problem resolutions. A great deal of knowledge is required in order to conduct a high quality survey, which is why it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a … [Read more…]