Ground Penetrating Radar

When it comes to finding out what is hidden beneath the surface of the land that may be built on or dug for whatever reason, ground penetrating radar has the unique ability to help you all the way. Though there are many alternatives, these are not generally as thorough and non-invasive. GPR or ground penetrating … [Read more…]

Geophysical Surveying

Geophysical surveying is the systematic collection of geophysical’s data for spatial studies. The detection and analysis of geophysical signals form the core of processing geophysical signals. Magnetic and gravitational fields emanating from the interior of the Earth contain valuable information about seismic activity and internal structure. Consequently, the detection and analysis of electric and magnetic … [Read more…]

Ground Geophysics

What is ground geophysics? That is the question.  Whether ’tis nobler….Wait, that’s Shakespeare which is awesome but not related.  Back to topic.  Geophysics is made up of a bunch of really cool stuff that we would really like to share with you. We will delve deeper in the coming weeks but to get us started … [Read more…]